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Mu Sigma History


One man named Dan Plyler an alumnus from The University of Louisville had a dream to bring back the Mu-Sigma Chapter at Morehead State University in the fall of 1997. He began to recruit men like Steve Bragg, Tony Baker, Chris Stockdale, and Bart Burke who had the drive and initiative to make this dream come true. These men began to gather more men and on April 26, 1998 the Mu-Sigma colony had its second start.

The support from the Greek System was weak and the school supported us even less but Frater Myron Doan, the Dean of Students was the man we needed. Myron became our Faculty Advisor and began to lead us in the right direction. We continued to gain the men we needed who exceeded the Apollo Standers looked for by Tau Kappa Epsilon, but also losing many quality men along the way.

With our numbers grew popularity, and acceptance into the Greek Community. We were being notice as a competitive organization. TKE was also quick to participate in all philanthropic events to gain the recognition that we deserved, and to show that we would support there groups and intern they should show support for us. It didn't work well at first when Tau Kappa Epsilon began to walk away with first place awards that groups like Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Kappa Sigma were used to winning. After the initial jealousy the competitive forces came through and groups enjoyed the challenge of competing against Tau Kappa Epsilon.

We also began to get notice in the community with our help with Doves, a spousal abuse shelter in Rowan County. Our work with the shelter allowed people to realize that we were more than just "Frat Boys," and "Jocks," and that we would help where it was needed and do what we could. To date the biggest accomplishment of the Mu-Sigma Colony is when the 23 fraters, and 7 associates of TKE came together to raise over $10,000 for Tony Baker a brother who had fallen ill to cancer. The group came together to show exactly how strong our brotherhood is and to show the love and support .


Former President of the U.S.A. Ronald Reagan
This website is dedicated to the memory of Tony Baker, friend, brother, and TEKE role model to all. God keeps his most precious gems by his side.
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