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2006 - 2007 Intramural Season

2005 Softball Team 4th place

Dustin Kelley is the Back-to-Back Putt Putt Champion in 2005.

Tony Thorpe is currently the 2003, 2004, 2005, and now 2006 Champion of the Racquetball Tournament.

Also, Rob Bob and Tony Thorpe are currently the 2006 Racquetball Doubles Champs.

Andrew Wise and Tony Thorpe are the 2006 Beach Volleyball Champs.

 Andrew, Trey, Alsup and Thorpedo are the 2005 and 2006 Champions of Intramural Volleyball with an Undefeated Record of 15 - 0!

Well boys we've made it to the dance twice now....We lost one....and was Cheated out of the other.  Next year, we will NOT DISAPPOINT!!!
Our girthy brothers have won the intramural tug-o-war tournament for...I am not sure but I guess...the last 7 years!
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