...not for wealth, rank, or honor; but personal worth and character   

Love, Charity, and Esteem

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Before Christmas we took a collection in the fraternity and bought supplies (Canteens, compasses, knives, etc�) for a near by boyscout ourganization.

We clean our designated highway at least twice a year usually collecting 10-12 bags of trash each trip. (Also, car tires, road signs, car batteries, and a computer desk have been found and removed from our highway.

Just a BUNCH of trash!

After only 1 year of participation we have collected over 2700+ books to send overseas.  These books benefit deprived schools in Africa and South America.  Thanks to everyone who has helped us, we really appreciate your generosity.

Our annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the community was a success again this year. We would like to thank the Kappa Deltas for their support and help again this year.

Sinkhorn looks like he just cut off his finger
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